By Brian Terczynski

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Thumbtack Android engineers have been writing unit tests for years. But we tested full UI flows manually. Whenever we would add a new feature, we would schedule time to “ dogfood” it. This involved loading the app on some physical devices and manually running through test cases. This has proven to be a valuable way for us to verify the quality of new features, and gives us a chance to fix bugs before we would launch.

What had been missing was regular regression testing of our UI flows. We did not have any general regression testing of our basic, critical…

In honor of Black History Month, Marco, our CEO, and Dionna, our Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, came together to discuss our support of Black Lives Matter.

Marco: Last June, following the murder of George Floyd, we made pledges as a company in support of Black Lives Matter. This was before you joined Thumbtack. Can you share your perspective on our commitments and the work you have seen from our team since then?

Dionna: Of course. During my interview process, I searched to see if you’d made a statement around Black Lives Matter. I was really interested if…

by Alexis Baird

Today we introduced Instant Book. We could not be happier at the reception it has received from pros and homeowners alike. But I wouldn’t say I’m surprised.

Not long after I joined Thumbtack, I was talking to my brother, who had recently purchased his first home. He was frustrated at how difficult it was to get a simple repair on the front door of his (brand new) home.

At the time, I remember thinking to myself: we have some work to do. Hailing a ride or getting groceries delivered has been transformed by the ability to easily and instantly schedule…

By Alyssa Murray

Over the years, our Design team’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee has sought out ways to make a positive impact on our industry, including volunteering and hosting events. The Black Lives Matter protests this past summer against systemic racism in our country propelled us to invest even more urgently and intentionally in addressing inequality in design. While the stakes of police brutality and lack of diversity in tech have different magnitudes, they are the result of many of the same underlying issues.

Marginalized groups and historically disenfranchised identities are underrepresented and underestimated in the design and…

By Navneet Rao

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Every year, millions of customers use Thumbtack’s marketplace to find the right local professionals for pretty much anything. Some use Thumbtack to quickly find a reliable plumber to fix their leaky garbage disposal, while others might use Thumbtack to consult with an interior designer when remodeling their home. Customers can find professionals for around 500 categories of services on Thumbtack. Based on factors like the type of job, their budget or the urgency of their need, a professional who would be right for one customer may not necessarily be the right one for another.

In this post, we will outline…

by Dionna Smith

2020 was a pivotal year — everyone experienced a seismic shift in their lives. From the impacts of COVID-19 to long-standing racial injustice, the fault lines in our society have driven us from shock and fear to a resounding desire for change. I am filled with hope because I see so many people having candid conversations about race, Allyship and inclusivity in the workplace.

Creating safe spaces for conversations to happen is a top priority for me — especially since we are all physically separated and feel isolated. In my first 60 days at Thumbtack, I held…

By Emily Fujimoto

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It’s no secret that automated tests are an important way to maintain high-quality code and prevent later changes from breaking functionality. At Thumbtack we’re always looking for ways to encourage test writing by making the process easier and more robust. As an Android engineer, one big pain point was that for a while, our team didn’t have a good way to test that the UIs that we built looked correct. While we would do this manually when we built a feature, there was no guarantee that someone else, perhaps someone less familiar with the code, wouldn’t add…

By Chi Thorsen

Move fast and break things. It’s a phrase you hear all the time in the tech world, almost an expectation — as if taking the time to do things right is somehow out of fashion or unnecessary.

I’ve never subscribed to this perspective. What if you don’t want to move fast? What if you see the value in moving methodically? What if instead of breaking things, you believe in taking what’s broken and building it back up in a sustainable way? …

Rannie was a Research Manager at Facebook before joining Thumbtack as Head of Research. Now, as Head of Design, she leads the Product Design, Experience Research and Creative teams. She likes to say that at Thumbtack, she does great work with great people. Here’s why.

What drew you to Thumbtack?

There were three “p’s”: people, purpose and potential. People: I wanted to learn and grow from working with smart, mission-driven people. For purpose, it came down to the mission. Thumbtack helps customers get their projects done, and we help self-made entrepreneurs grow their business. I’m passionate about the fact that we make these things happen.

For nine years, Thumbtack has conducted an annual Small Business Friendliness Survey. The survey gives small business owners who use Thumbtack the opportunity to grade their state and local governments on how friendly they are to business, measuring things like regulations, taxes, and training and education opportunities.

But 2020 is different.

This year has been a roller coaster as small businesses across the country faced economic uncertainty and the challenges of operating during a global pandemic. So for 2020, we decided to focus on how small businesses are weathering the storm and how they perceive local, state, and federal governments…


We’re a marketplace that helps local service professionals and customers find each other.

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