by Mark Andrew Yao

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Millions of customers visit Thumbtack to find professionals to help maintain and improve their homes. Our search ranking algorithm enables this by ranking professionals based on who best fits the customer’s job. In this post, we’ll discuss how we built the ability to create features with…

by Bharadwaj Ramachandran

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When a customer lands on the Thumbtack homepage, they implicitly trust our product to help them find the best business for the job they have in mind — be it painting their home, hiring a photographer, or finding an accountant to do their taxes. …

by Alpesh Gaglani

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My earliest exposure to the notion of using experimentation to guide product development was in 2005 when Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Technical Officer at the time, wrote the now famous memo. In the memo, Ray talks about how “ web is fundamentally a…

By Brian Terczynski

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Thumbtack Android engineers have been writing unit tests for years. But we tested full UI flows manually. Whenever we would add a new feature, we would schedule time to “ ” it. This involved loading the app on some physical devices and manually running through test cases. …

In honor of Black History Month, Marco, our CEO, and Dionna, our Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, came together to discuss our support of Black Lives Matter.

Marco: Last June, following the murder of George Floyd, we made

by Alexis Baird

Today we introduced Instant Book. We could not be happier at the reception it has received from pros and homeowners alike. But I wouldn’t say I’m surprised.

Not long after I joined Thumbtack, I was talking to my brother, who had recently purchased his first home. …

By Alyssa Murray

Over the years, our Design team’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee has sought out ways to make a positive impact on our industry, including volunteering and hosting events. The Black Lives Matter protests this past summer against systemic racism in our country propelled us to invest…

By Navneet Rao

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Every year, millions of customers use Thumbtack’s marketplace to find the right local professionals for pretty much anything. Some use Thumbtack to quickly find a reliable plumber to fix their leaky garbage disposal, while others might use Thumbtack to consult with an interior designer when remodeling their home. Customers can…

by Dionna Smith

2020 was a pivotal year — everyone experienced a seismic shift in their lives. From the impacts of COVID-19 to long-standing racial injustice, the fault lines in our society have driven us from shock and fear to a resounding desire for change. …

By Emily Fujimoto

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It’s no secret that automated tests are an important way to maintain high-quality code and prevent later changes from breaking functionality. At Thumbtack we’re always looking for ways to encourage test writing by making the process easier and more robust. As an Android engineer, one big pain…


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